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STEP #1 

Find the Perfect Home

At Legacy Home Center, we understand that everyone's dream home looks different. That's why we work with you to find the perfect home that fits your specific needs and lifestyle. Whether you need extra space for your growing family, a home that's pet-friendly, or a layout that accommodates your unique living situation, we have a home for you. Stop by our home center to build your prefect home today! 

STEP #2 

obtain financing

We partner with lenders offering F.H.A., V.A., and U.S.D.A. loans to provide you with a variety of financing options. Even if you have a pre-existing relationship with your bank, we're here to help with the financing process. We can even use your land equity as your down payment. At Legacy Home Center, we have many solutions to help make owning your dream home a reality.

STEP #3 

Find Property/Site evaluation

Whether you are looking to purchase a new lot or need help evaluating your existing property, our development manager is here to help. We will meet with you on-site to assess your needs and recommend any improvements that may be necessary. We also work directly with your contractor to ensure that all necessary work is completed to our high standards. If you are in need of a recommendation for a contractor or development partner, we have a network of trusted professionals that we can refer you to.

STEP #4 

sign the papers

Congratulations on finding the perfect home! Once you have selected and designed your dream home, the next step is to sign the dealer agreement and make a deposit. This deposit will secure the price of your home for 60 days. It's important to note that the secured price is contingent on receiving financing, locating a suitable site for placement, and obtaining building permits.


STEP #5 

land development

The land development process is an important step in preparing your land for your new manufactured home. Your selected contractor will work with you to obtain all necessary permits and complete work on clearing the land, installing utilities, septic systems, and any other necessary improvements. Your home order is also placed with the factory ordered with exact customizations and specifications, ensuring a seamless process when your home is ready to be delivered.


STEP #6 

Home delivery & finish work

We understand that getting your manufactured home installed can be a complex process. That's why we work with state-certified installers to ensure that everything is done to the highest standards. Once your home is installed, it will be hooked up to utilities by your selected contractor. Our crew will then come in and put the finishing touches on the inside of your home, ensuring that everything is ready for occupancy. Your local government agency will issue a final and occupancy permit, once issued, you are handed the keys and move in begins!  

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